Free and 1/2 Price Books

Hosting a party is super easy and fun!

Imagine hiring a party planner to put together a gathering for your friends and family. The planner arranges a theme, chooses music to set the mood, plans entertaining games, and helps you send the perfect invitation to your friends and family. The planner does the work so that you and your guests can relax and kick back together for a couple hours of fun and laughs.

Now imagine having that party at a super exclusive boutique where you and your friends not only get to hang out for fun and laughs, but also have a private showing of high-quality, affordable merchandise AND your own personal shopper to help you choose JUST the right items for you!

The kicker is that, not only do you NOT have to pay your party planner for any of this, but the more product your friends buy, the more product your party planner gives YOU for FREE!

All the freebies for you. Just for having a good time with people you enjoy hanging out with.

How much free stuff will you get?

Your hostess credit depends on your party sales. More sales = more free and 1/2 price credit! Qualifying parties need to have at least one booking too, so think about who among your friends and family might also like to get their books for free!

Party Themes:

The best way to avoid a boring party is to spice it up with a fun theme! I have the following themes ready to roll, and am working on having others ready to go within the next week or so. Which one would your friends and family have the most fun with?

Shall we check our calendars and set a party date?

Success! You're on the list.

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