Books About Music

September is Classical Music Month!

Classical music isn’t for everyone, but it is fairly embedded in our culture. Classical pieces are sampled often in television series and major motion pictures. I remember when my son was tiny, “experts” insisted that babies could get smarter by listening to classical music. And while the “Mozart Effect” seems to have been grossly overstated, the study that generated this line of thinking did find that enjoyment and enrichment positively affect brain development. Rather than drawing the conclusion that classical music could boost IQ, they probably should have concluded that FUN aids in learning. We see this in children’s play every day!

And really, what could be more fun than music? Whether it’s classical, pop, jazz, or children’s tunes I have always been a believer using music to aid in routine establishment, managing the mood of a classroom, and helping kids to remember important things. If you had asked me as a preschool teacher what tool I could not do without, it would have been my music library!

In my online store there are several fun books involving music which would be great additions to your home or classroom library! Check them out below 🙂

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