Sticker Books for Tiny Fashionistas

Today is National Secondhand Wardrobe Day!

I do not know what I would have done when my son was little if not for secondhand clothes! As a single parent making minimum wage, those bags of gently used children’s clothes were like treasure troves. I loved digging into them to see what cute new outfits he would have to wear, many of which were brands I could never have afforded to buy for him. Every one of those bags was like a mini Christmas morning!

He wasn’t the only one who got hand-me-downs. Some of my very favorite wardrobe pieces have been pre-loved by others. Sometimes they were work-wear, sometimes weekend-wear, and occasionally they were the base for a kick-ass home-made Halloween costume! Occasionally they would be pieces that didn’t work for any of those purposes, quirky things that I would take to work and add to my classroom dress-up box for the nuggets to enjoy.

On many rainy afternoons we would drag out the dress-up box, and it wouldn’t matter that we couldn’t go outside to play, because the kids had a blast dressing themselves, and sometimes me!, in all kinds of interesting clothes. Along with storytime, it was one of my favorite activities when I was an Early Childhood teacher!

I was thinking about those memories this morning when I saw what day it was, and I thought about the Dolly Dress-up books in the online store. Not quite the same as outfitting a preschooler in a sunhat, pearl necklace, and tutu, but still a creative way for kids to express their fashion creativity. So if you have a budding fashionista at home who LOVES dress-up, try browsing these books!

If you are looking for some costume corner or costume box inspiration, check out my Dress Up Activities for Kids Pinterest board!

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