Books About Teeth

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day!

Ahh the Tooth Fairy! What a strange myth that is. A fairy who comes secretly in the night and buys your child’s tooth from under their pillow. But…. why? I mean… anybody ever pick this one apart? It goes from cute to creepy pretty quick. I think my favorite portrayal of the Tooth Fairy comes from the movie “Rise of the Guardians.” If you haven’t seen that one, you should. It manages to work both the creepy and the cute of the Tooth Fairy and come down solidly on the cute side 🙂

But, even when we are just considering the cuteness of the Tooth Fairy tradition, it can be problematic. There is no national standard for the value of teeth. One kid may get a quarter for a tooth while another gets $5, it’s kind of a recipe for hurt feelings if they start doing playground comparisons. However, I did find it a useful tool in the war to get my son to brush his teeth. The Tooth Fairy paid him more for a clean tooth than a dirty one!

If you are looking for some books to help your child be a better brusher, I’ve got some great ones in the eStore!

If you are looking for some Tooth Fairy inspiration, check out my Tooth Fairy Inspiration Pinterest board! Theree are ideas for all kinds of adorable traditions, including cashless ones!

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