Books With Science Activities

Today is National Lemonade Day!

And I can already hear some of you asking what on earth that has to do with science activities. I didn’t clickbait you, I promise! Lemons are great for learning about chemical reactions. Lemon juice can be used to clean the tarnish from a penny, or it can be combined with baking soda inside a papier mache volcano to make it erupt, or inside a bottle with a balloon to blow the balloon up! You can even write secret messages in lemon juice and reveal them by applying heat!

However, my favorite experiment involving lemonade uses chemical reactions to create color changes! Combine butterfly pea tea or hibiscus tea and lemonade to create amazing galaxy effects! Learn more about this yummy science experiment on my Science Activities for Kids Pinterest board below!

For more fun science activities, I highly recommend you check out these books in my eStore! UBAM has so many books about science! These can keep your kiddos busy for a while having fun while they learn!

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