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Today is Bad Poetry Day!

I find this very amusing because I think all poetry could be considered bad poetry or good poetry depending on how the listener defines it! I wrote a lot of poetry when I was in middle and high school. Some of it even got published. I’m still not sure that means it was GOOD poetry, but some folks liked it, which is all that matters.

Writing poetry, even very bad poetry, can be very healing. It helps to get all those pent up emotions out of our overflowing hearts and onto a page. I really didn’t enjoy writing poetry at first, it was my seventh grade english teacher that made it enjoyable. And I still jot down a few lines now and then.

Anyway, in honor of Bad Poetry Day, I’m going to share one of those seventh grade poems with you, and I hope you will share your poetry with me in the comments below, no matter how bad you think it is!

“Winds charged with electricity

Cause the trees to sway.

The clouds lie close unto the ground,

Pewter and steely gray.

As premature darkness settles,

Holding the world in thrall,

The storm clouds finally open,

And the rain begins to fall.”

– Bonnie E Fitzgerald, 1993

If you are looking for ways to encourage a love of poetry writing in your kids, check out this awesome book in the eStore!

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